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Each of our psychic readers serve out of spiritual love!

by Sherrie on 04/04/16

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen has sat in prayer and seances with her Spiritualist friends for about fifteen years now. They were brought together out of spiritual love and the desire to help those humans and animals on our planet that were suffering. Our goal is to help those that have lost loved ones to the other dimensions to touch with them for guidance and closure. We also can predict the future by many unique ways of divination. Many of us are mediums that channel higher souls, angels, guides and work directly with the king of advisers who is GOD himself. We do not allow any negative souls or entities to enter our sacred space or consciousness. And that is why we are never fearful of our crafts.  Master Sherrie acknowledges that there are many that oppose and are even frightened by her naturally inherited abilities. There are also many non-believers that she knows and has met along her journey. She never imposed her beliefs or messages upon anyone that refuses her. She believes that we all have free will and everyone will come to believe in the divine truth as her active third eye has allowed her to see all these years. The Traveling Psychics started out as an accumulation of an elite group of light workers that were brought together through a divine love and purpose.

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